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What is the best sound ever?

May 2, 2024

Welcome to Better Hearing Month! In honor of this important time, which raises awareness of hearing and speech problems and the value of getting our hearing checked, you are invited to join Starkey in recognizing the joy and betterment sound brings to our daily lives.

From the blissful gurgle of a baby’s giggle to the soothing patter of rain against your window, to that old song that always reminds you of your first road trip with your forever love: Sound breathes life into our everyday, nurtures our emotions, and evokes the memories our heart never wants us to forget.

That’s why during this Better Hearing Month, we’re asking everyone everywhere to sound off on what you believe is the best sound ever—in Starkey’s 2024 Best Sounds Bracket.

Yes, we know the “best” or “favorite” sounds are subjective, which is why we are encouraging you and everyone else in the world to decide what the single, best-ever sound is.

How Starkey’s Best Sound Ever competition works

Starting today until May 30, 2024, we will host an online tournament between 24 of the most unforgettable sounds. Here’s how it works:

Each day, we will challenge one amazing sound against another. You will be asked to cast your vote for the sound you personally enjoy more. Whichever sound receives the most votes will advance to the next round on the following day and face a new “competitor” sound.

The contest will continue throughout the month. But by the end, only one very special sound will win—and be crowned the #BestSoundEver on May 31, 2024.

How to cast your vote now

Participating in Starkey’s Best Sound Ever competition is easy. Simply head to the Starkey Hearing Instagram or Facebook page each day (be sure to follow us first if you haven’t already) and cast your vote between the two competing sounds.

Never miss a favorite sound—get your hearing checked

Let’s face it, sounds are an indispensable part of our existence. Whether it’s the memory of your late relative’s sweet, gravelly greeting on the phone, or the humorous rendition of Happy Birthday your family performs for you every year.

Whatever sounds personally matter to you—you can imagine how different life would be if you missed them.

So, don’t. Keep your favorite sounds interwoven in your life by getting your hearing checked and treating any hearing loss you may have.

Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive hearing assessment today to identify and address any potential hearing loss.


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