Better hearing is a journey.

Fortunately, a doctor of audiology can give you a map. Improving your hearing on your own can be a long and winding road full of missed turns and dead ends. Let our experienced, knowledgeable doctors of audiology guide you to your better hearing solution through professional diagnostics. After all, better hearing means a better quality of life. 

If your diagnostic evaluation indicates that hearing aids are the answer, we will help guide you to your best choice of hearing aids. Our recommendations will be based on your specific hearing loss in addition to your personal lifestyle, your technology needs and your budget. 

We are honored to provide you with…

  • Confidence that Ken-Ton will work with you to help end the frustration of hearing loss
  • Experience & expertise from the 30 years our doctors of audiology have been helping thousands of people like you
  • Financing available to qualified customers
  • Better hearing, better living, less frustration
  • Free 60-day trial to ensure your hearing aids are comfortable
  • Free battery options available.  Ask for details
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee — we make it right or refund your money

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Better Hearing, Better Life

A gradual decline in hearing is more often noticed by family and loved ones rather than individual affected by hearing loss. The sooner you contact Ken-Ton Hearing for a comprehensive hearing evaluation, the sooner you can reduce the impact of negative effects of hearing loss. Over time, lost stimulation to your ears and brain can impair the brain’s ability to process sound and recognize speech. The more your speech understanding deteriorates, the more difficult it is to recover.

Fortunately, treatment of hearing loss has shown to improve our quality of life.

  • Use of hearing aids improves communication in relationships. Empower yourself and fully participate in conversations once again with the use of today’s advanced hearing aid technology.
  • Use of hearing aids can reduce your frustration in conversation and ease communication.
  • Hearing loss can lead to depression and isolation. Hearing aids can allow you to reconnect with loved ones and regain your quality of life.
  • Wearing hearing aids is a gift to family and friends, reducing frustration and eliminating the need for them to raise their voices or frequently repeat themselves.
  • Hearing aids will improve the brain’s ability to process speech in the presence of background noise. Hearing aid technology is constantly improving and providing better comfort and hearing in noisy environments such as a crowd or restaurant.
  • Hearing loss can contribute to cognitive and communication decline. Hearing aid can restore your hearing abilities and keep you sharp.
  • Studies show that even mild untreated hearing loss can impact success on the job. Improve communication at work and schedule your comprehensive hearing evaluation with the doctors of audiology at Ken-Ton Hearing to see if today’s advanced hearing aid technology and top-rate hearing aids can improve your productivity at work and increase your earning power.