Why Should You Consider Ken-Ton Hearing?

  • Our #1 goal is to provide hearing loss solutions in a welcoming and helpful manner.
  • Ken-Ton Hearing is proud to have four doctors of Audiology on staff.
  • Ken-Ton Hearing has been a trusted name in our community for over 35 years!

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"You'll hear our smile!"

What We Do

We know you want to make health decisions carefully. Your first step in the right direction is a quality diagnostic hearing evaluation by our knowledgeable doctors of audiology. Solutions for hearing loss differ. Among other concerns it could simply be wax, or more critically a need for medical attention, or exciting new technology hearing aids may be your best path. Have confidence that we will guide you in the right direction to better hearing… a better you!

What Our Patients Are Saying

I couldn't be happier with my hearing aids or with the staff of Ken-Ton Hearing. I can't believe the difference in what I can hear. And people don't have a clue I am wearing them. Dr. Krause helped me choose the best color etc for my hair color and style.
-Kristie B.

The Ken-Ton Hearing office is warm and welcoming…with a friendly and professional staff. They attend to every detail and leave no question unanswered. Thank You Ken-Ton Hearing for exceptional customer service.
-Francine M.

I visited Ken-Ton Hearing convinced that I needed Hearing Aids. They conducted a professional hearing evaluation and determined that I needed to see an ENT surgeon for an issue that could be resolved without the use of hearing aids. Thanks Ken-Ton Hearing for your professionalism and integrity.
-Thomas H.


The Newest Hearing Aid Technology

Have you heard about the Livio AI hearing aid yet? It is the world’s first multipurpose hearing aid and has just earned a spot on Time Magazine’s 2019 list of best inventions in the accessibility category, which highlights inventions that are making the world better, smarter, and even a bit more fun. Livio AI, the […]

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