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Why Should You Consider Ken-Ton Hearing?

  • Our #1 goal is to provide hearing loss solutions in a welcoming and helpful manner.
  • Ken-Ton Hearing is proud to have three doctors of Audiology on staff.
  • Ken-Ton Hearing has been a trusted name in our community for over 35 years!

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"You'll hear our smile!"

What We Do

We know you want to make health decisions carefully. Your first step in the right direction is a quality diagnostic hearing evaluation by our knowledgeable doctors of audiology. Solutions for hearing loss differ. Among other concerns it could simply be wax, or more critically a need for medical attention, or exciting new technology hearing aids may be your best path. Have confidence that we will guide you in the right direction to better hearing… a better you!

What Our Patients Are Saying

I couldn't be happier with my hearing aids or with the staff of Ken-Ton Hearing. I can't believe the difference in what I can hear. And people don't have a clue I am wearing them. Dr. Krause helped me choose the best color etc for my hair color and style.
-Kristie B.

The Ken-Ton Hearing office is warm and welcoming…with a friendly and professional staff. They attend to every detail and leave no question unanswered. Thank You Ken-Ton Hearing for exceptional customer service.
-Francine M.

I visited Ken-Ton Hearing convinced that I needed Hearing Aids. They conducted a professional hearing evaluation and determined that I needed to see an ENT surgeon for an issue that could be resolved without the use of hearing aids. Thanks Ken-Ton Hearing for your professionalism and integrity.
-Thomas H.


Top 8 Professions that Can Lead to Needing a Hearing Aid Later in Life

Could your job eventually cause deafness? As many as 52 million Americans face working conditions that could trigger hearing problems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Be sure to take precautions if your occupation appears on this list: 8 Risky Professions For Your Ears 1. Western New York’s moist climate ensures that lawn […]

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