All Ken-Ton Services are provided in an atmosphere of caring and professionalism

Hearing Accessories

  • Premium battery program – for over 35 years Ken-Ton Hearing has provided premium batteries to our patients for the lifetime of their hearing aids. Stop in to our office and show Gina or Kailee your complete hearing health care card today to receive your supply of batteries.
  • Custom ear molds for hearing aids, iPods, and MP3s. Proper fitting ear molds are necessary to ensure the best sound quality and secure fit.
  • Water protection earplugs. Custom earplugs necessary for individuals that water should not enter the ear canal.
  • Noise protection for musicians and sportsmen – customized ear pieces to protect the ear from hazardous noise while participating in the activities you enjoy.

Additional Services

  • Hearing aid repair services for all makes – At Ken-Ton Hearing we want to ensure our patients receive the highest quality service in the area. We always make our best effort to get your hearing aid working in the office. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. If we cannot get your hearing aid working in the office, we will have it sent to manufacture to ensure your hearing is restored as quickly as possible.
  • Hearing aid cleaning services – At Ken-Ton Hearing we offer free walk in hearing aid service 5 days a week. If your hearing aid stops working there is no need to worry. Stop on over to see Gina or Kailee to have your hearing aid assessed on the spot.
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning – our ears are oily; a hearing aid needs to be professionally cleaned to maintain its optimal performance. Be sure to schedule your bi-annual appointment with your trusted Doctor of Audiology at Ken-Ton Hearing to ensure you’re always part of the conversation.