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Our passion is to help people discover how rich and enjoyable life can be with better hearing. We believe sound is the spice of life and our satisfaction comes from the joy our patients feel when they hear better and can once again connect with friends, family and the world around them. Each person’s hearing loss, listening needs and preferences are different. You can count on our professionals to take the time necessary to understand your concerns and help your take back your life through better hearing.

Hearing loss can occur at any stage of life, and when you suspect a problem, you shouldn’t hesitate to get evaluated. It’s easy and painless. Exposure to noise is the number one risk factor for hearing loss, with aging coming in at second.

According to the American Academy of Audiology, about 36 million people in cities like Buffalo throughout the U.S. could benefit from hearing aids, but only a small percentage use them. Contact Ken-Ton Hearing today to schedule your hearing evaluation and find out if you are one of the many Americans unknowingly suffering from hearing loss.

Factors that Contribute to Hearing Loss

When you attend your hearing evaluation at our audiology center, one of our doctors will ask you about your reasons for getting evaluated. They will check to see if anything in your past health history could have caused hearing loss. Some of the causes for hearing loss include:

  • Sound exposure
  • Aging
  • Malformation of structures in the ear canal, middle ear or outer ear
  • Fluid retention in the middle ear due to a cold or allergy
  • Fluid accumulation due to an infection
  • Perforation of the eardrum
  • Excessive/impacted earwax
  • Head trauma

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

In some cases, you may not realize the extent of your hearing loss until someone brings it to your attention. At other times, you will notice specific symptoms, including:

  • You have trouble hearing what people are saying.
  • You find it difficult to hear a conversation in a group setting.
  • You experience problems hearing people over the phone.
  • You pretend to hear more of a conversation than you really do.

The Exam

Our Doctor of Audiology will begin a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine if a hearing loss exists, its type and its severity.

  • Video otoscopic evaluation. An easy and comfortable examination, the screening process involves insertion of a small camera into the ear canal. A real-time video will be displayed on a monitor, allowing your audiologist to complete a detailed inspection of the ear canal and ear drum. Physical abnormalities such as wax, infection or foreign bodies are easily identifiable as a possible contributing factor to your symptoms of hearing loss.
  • Immittance test: A probe in the ear canal records movement of the eardrum and reflexes of the middle ear muscles.
  • Audiologic evaluation. Consists of the following examinations in a soundproof booth:
    • Pure-tone audiometry: Audiologist will insert earbuds into the ear canals that are connected to an audiometer. The audiometer transmits a series of tones at a variety of volumes into your ears to determine the softest levels at which you can begin to hear the sounds. When you hear a sound, you will be asked to respond.
    • Speech discrimination test: This determines how well you can distinguish words at a certain loudness level. The audiologist will ask you to listen to a series of one and two syllable words at different volumes and then ask you to repeat them. This will determine the level at which you can detect and understand speech.
    • Speech in Noise Testing: This test will determine how well you understand conversations in a noisy environment.

The results of your tests will be recorded on a form called an audiogram, which the Audiologist will review with you. The audiogram reflects your hearing loss in frequencies and decibels. You will be shown the type, pattern and degree of hearing loss. Your Audiologist will then relate these results to your concerns about your hearing and make any necessary referrals and/or recommendations.

Your Doctors at Ken-Ton

At Ken-Ton Hearing, we specialize in finding the hearing solution that works for you. Our qualified audiologists make your evaluation as pleasant as possible from start to finish. We also work with you in regular follow-up visits to make adjustments as your hearing changes.

Ken-Ton offers a wide variety of hearing aids for patients that have suffered long-term and/or extensive hearing loss.

Ken-Ton Hearing has been caring for the hearing health of Western New Yorkers for more than 40 years.  Call them today at 716-874-1609 and then make an appointment and have one of our Doctors of Audiology perform an in-office audiology evaluation.