It’s time to end the stigma of hearing aids!

We often encounter patients who come in with negative ideas about hearing aids.  Much of this negativity has come in part from movies, cartoons, comic strips, and comedians poking fun at hearing aids and the hearing impaired.  These negative ideas were a result of the older hearing aid technology.  It wasn’t until the newer digital technology came out in the past ten years or so, that we started to see improvements in the way hearing aids performed in a variety of listening environments and improved in their discreet cosmetic appeal.

One negative connotation we hear is that hearing aids whistle and make noise.  This whistling is referred to as feedback.  In the past, hearing aids would feedback if the fit wasn’t proper, if wax was blocking the ear canal, or if the power of the aid was causing some of the sound to leak out of their ear.  This was not only annoying to the patient but also embarrassing to them and their loved ones.  Fortunately, the new hearing aid technology makes feedback virtually nonexistent.  The hearing aids are able to eliminate feedback while maintaining the proper sound level and quality the patient needs to hear well.

Another major issue patients hear about is the performance of hearing aids in noisy or social situations.  Prior to the noise filtering features of digital technology, hearing aids would often amplify the noise as much as the people they were trying to hear.  This made it impossible to understand conversation in social situations.  Modern hearing aid technology is not only discreet and comfortable but also performs extremely well in noisy environments.  Noise reduction features help keep sound levels comfortable when the volume of surrounding sound increases. Further, advanced digital circuitry and directional microphone technology work in conjunction to help you more easily hear speech in noisy situations, such as restaurants, crowds or airports. And, special circuitry works to reduce wind noise when hearing aids are worn outside.

Probably the biggest misconception is that hearing aids make people look old.  To me, this is faulty logic.  Which is worse?  Wearing a hearing instrument (that’s unnoticeable) and understanding what’s being said? Or, not wearing hearing aids and constantly saying “huh?” Or, even worse, misunderstanding and responding inappropriately?  If the appearance of a hearing aid is the main reason you aren’t moving forward toward better communication, you have nothing to fear.  There are very discreet hearing aid options available for all types of losses.

Stigma?  Forget about it!  There is really no reason not to improve your quality of life through the use of amplification.  And with our 60-day trial period and 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and better hearing to gain!  As Doctor’s of Audiology, we would be honored to help you end your hearing loss and communication frustrations.