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Headphones on a construction worker to avoid hearing loss.

The Guide to Headphones and Hearing Loss

Posted on: 02/2/17

How to Choose Safe Headphones for you and your family There were an estimated 334 million pairs of headphones or earphones sold worldwide last year. If you are thinking of buying headphones it’s important to know how to choose headphones that won’t cause or exacerbate hearing loss. Here’s what you need to know about choosing […]

Hearing doctor examines a young patients ear.

4 Reasons to Make a Hearing Test Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted on: 01/30/17

Your Ears Definitely Deserve Better This Year For most people, health–related New Year’s resolutions involve things like hitting the gym more often or shedding a few pounds here and there. Such goals are certainly commendable, but they overlook a critically important aspect of your health: your hearing. Deciding to get a hearing test might have […]