Safe Driving Advice for People with Hearing Loss

People rely on their hearing in numerous situations, making it challenging to carry out some common tasks if your hearing is damaged. Many individuals with hearing problems find that driving a car can become an issue. Luckily, just because you have difficulty hearing doesn’t mean that safe driving isn’t possible. Follow some simple driving tips and you can drive perfectly safely.

  1. Keep up with car maintenance: You know that if your motor is making a peculiar sound there is most likely a problem with it. If you aren’t able to hear when something is wrong with your engine you run the risk of driving an unsafe vehicle. Keep regular maintenance appointments with your garage or dealership to make sure your car stays in optimum condition.
  2. Don’t drive if you are not comfortable: If your hearing impairment makes you feel uncomfortable while driving a car it’s advisable to put down your keys. Take advantage of public transportation or other driving alternatives. You are more likely to make dangerous mistakes if you drive while stressed, so only drive when you feel confident and safe.
  3. Reduce distractions: Your vision becomes extremely important when driving with hearing loss. Therefore, you can put yourself (and your passengers) in danger if distractions such as electronic devices or food draw your eyes away from the road. You’ll also find that it becomes more difficult to hear important traffic cues if you have the radio on while driving. By cutting out these distractions while you’re behind the wheel you can make sure you’re taking in all the information you need.
  4. Drive with your hearing aid in mind: If your hearing is aided by a hearing aid, be sure to use it every time you get behind the wheel. Be mindful of how your car’s atmosphere can influence your hearing aid’s functionality. Don’t be afraid to switch on the AC rather than driving with the windows open. Your hearing aid can become less effective if it is buffeted by a draft from an open window, impairing your hearing and putting you at risk.

Hearing loss doesn’t have to keep you from driving if your doctor approves. Stay safe and enjoy the open road.