4 Reasons to Make a Hearing Test Your New Year’s Resolution

Hearing doctor examines a young patients ear.

Your Ears Definitely Deserve Better This Year

For most people, health–related New Year’s resolutions involve things like hitting the gym more often or shedding a few pounds here and there. Such goals are certainly commendable, but they overlook a critically important aspect of your health: your hearing.

Deciding to get a hearing test might have major positive impacts on your quality of life. It doesn’t hurt that this kind of resolution is much easier to keep than some others. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more good reasons that could sway you to take care of your ears.

1. Baseline Testing Helps You Know Where You Stand
According to sources like the National Institutes of Health, presbycusis, or hearing loss related to age, effects the majority of modern Americans. Although many factors can impact your risk of problems, getting a hearing evaluation now, may help your caregivers track your hearing loss progression more accurately over time.

2. Your Hearing Loss May Be Preventable
In many circumstances, it’s possible to minimize the amount of hearing loss you experience. Even presbycusis isn’t a foregone conclusion just because you’re getting older. Going in for an ear test is important because it helps audiologists determine what kind of hearing loss you suffer from so that they can recommend preventative measures before problems become too severe to correct.

3. Hearing Loss Has Many Negative Effects
Hearing loss has been associated with increased risk for conditions like dementia, social isolation, depression and cognitive impairment. In addition, your hearing loss increases your risk of suffering serious fall injuries. Some individuals’ losses are also coupled with other conditions that demand special attention, like Ménière’s disease.

4. Proper Testing Helps You Devise a Proper Plan
Never self- diagnose. People often are encouraged to jump to the conclusion that hearing aids are the answer. The knowledge you gain by having a proper test by a by a doctor of audiology can help you cope. This learning process can help you move to address the hearing loss if necessary.

If you are struggling with hearing loss, schedule an evaluation with one of the doctors of audiology at Ken-Ton Hearing and get yourself a plan for better hearing.
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