New Hearing Aids Offer Apps


Hearing augmentation for the 21st century

Some modern hearing aids are virtually invisibleHearing aids have been available for more than half a century. During that time, they’ve helped countless Americans experience and interact with the world around them in a way that wouldn’t previously have been possible. They’re worn by people of all ages and demographic groups.

A Game-Changing Innovation

This year, one of the best-known hearing aid manufacturers released a potentially revolutionary device that seamlessly integrates with wearers’ iPhones. MicroTech Kinnects hearing aid is compatible with iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Although it continues Starkey’s tradition of producing cutting-edge hearing aids that provide clear, lifelike amplification, it also leverages Apple’s powerful hardware and software suite to perform several functions that are brand new to the world of hearing aids.

How Does Kinnects Work?

Kinnects works directly with Starkey’s TruLink iPhone app—a powerful program that’s available for free download at the App Store—to turn the wearer’s iPhone into a centralized control panel and call center. Thanks to TruLink, Kinnects allows users to stream call audio directly from their iPhones to their hearing aids. This reduces interference, buzzing and other negative aspects of “indirect” interfaces between hearing aids and phones. Kinnects also allows users to control the volume and sound quality of their hearing aids through their iPhones.

A Wide Range of Benefits

Halo’s main functions sound revolutionary, but the app offers plenty of ancillary benefits for users:

• Intuitive interfacing that doesn’t require users to be particularly tech savvy
• Background-noise mitigation and feedback cancellation that provide for a seamless hearing experience in crowded or noisy spaces
• Virtually no buzzing, whining or clicking
• FaceTime and music streaming directly to the aid

Other Important Attributes

Starkey’s MicroTech Kinnects hearing aid has some other benefits and functions that promise to improve the user experience:

• High-frequency amplification that improves hearing range
• Next-generation Bluetooth technology
• A GPS-enabled “location finder” that recognizes environments and adjusts place-specific settings accordingly
• HydraShield coating that resists water and wax buildup for long-term performance

Doctors of Audiology Fit Your Hearing Aids

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