Hunting season and protecting your ears.

The air is crisp and the leaves are beginning to change. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Fall is here, marking the transition from summer to winter. For many that means pumpkin pies, apple orchards and football. For others, fall marks the beginning of hunting season.

The start of hunting season is a great time to remember the importance of protecting your hearing. Damage to your auditory system can occur with exposure to sounds at 90 decibels (dB) and above. Recreational shooting can often exceed 140dB. So, whether you find yourself in a tree stand hunting deer or at a shooting range this hunting season, it is vital to remember to protect your hearing.

Our office offers many customized ear protection options for patients.  Give our office a call to schedule an appointment to discuss which options might work best to protect your hearing from the damage of excessive noise exposure.