Healthy Heart ~ Healthy Hearing

Healthy Heart, Healthy Hearing

Research today is suggesting a link between cardiovascular disease and hearing.  I think we can all agree that having a healthy heart is essential for good health, however research also shows that a healthy heart can have a positive impact on one’s hearing as well.

Our inner ear health is directly related to our overall blood flow.  When we develop vascular diseases that cause a lack of blood flow, this can negatively affect our highly vascularized inner ear.  The cochlea, the snail shaped, fluid-filled organ responsible for hearing, can be damaged by degenerative cardiovascular disease.  Once it has been damaged, one’s hearing can become greatly diminished or even lost all together.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a form of heart disease or have found out you are at risk for developing heart disease, it is wise not to forget your hearing health as well.  It is imperative to have make your hearing health a part of your routine medical check-ups.  Having a baseline hearing evaluation and annual hearing evaluations can help to monitor any changes in your hearing throughout the course of the disease.  Be sure to contact our office and have a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation by one of our experienced Doctor’s of Audiology.