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Lawn Maintenance worker using a power tool to trim a hedge.

Top 8 Professions that Can Lead to Needing a Hearing Aid Later in Life

Posted on: 03/19/18

Could your job eventually cause deafness? As many as 52 million Americans face working conditions that could trigger hearing problems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Be sure to take precautions if your occupation appears on this list: 8 Risky Professions For Your Ears 1. Western New York’s moist climate ensures that lawn […]

A woman experiencing symptoms of tinnitus.

The Long-Term and Short-Term Effects of Tinnitus

Posted on: 01/9/18

What happens when the ringing isn’t coming from your phone? Tinnitus is often referred to as ringing in the ears, but it can sound like a whirring, beeping, whining or tweeting. Although the condition does not necessarily interfere with your ability to hear, it may be accompanied by hearing loss. It can also lower your […]

Dr. Lichtenthal examines a patient's eardrum.

Top 3 Causes of Ear Infections

Posted on: 01/3/18

Some pains are worse than others. When it comes to ear infections, the pain can be downright intolerable. Acute infections may hurt, but they’re over in a short time. Chronic infections continue to create painful symptoms and could cause permanent damage in the future. An ear infection happens when the Eustachian tubes become blocked or […]

An elderly man sitting with his hands clasped together in front of him.

Hearing Loss Linked to Dementia

Posted on: 08/28/17

Research is showing that there is a link between hearing loss and dementia. Patients with hearing loss show a higher incidence of developing dementia. There are many social factors involved in this but cognitively, it is felt that the brain is using most of it’s resources working on auditory processing which is leaving our cognition […]

Headphones on a construction worker to avoid hearing loss.

The Guide to Headphones and Hearing Loss

Posted on: 02/2/17

How to Choose Safe Headphones for you and your family There were an estimated 334 million pairs of headphones or earphones sold worldwide last year. If you are thinking of buying headphones it’s important to know how to choose headphones that won’t cause or exacerbate hearing loss. Here’s what you need to know about choosing […]

An elderly couple using a laptop.

5 Surprising Things Treating Hearing Loss Says About You

Posted on: 08/21/15

5 SURPRISING THINGS TREATING HEARING LOSS SAYS ABOUT YOU: Are you brushing off a hearing problem because you’re afraid it might say the wrong thing about you?  Well think again. Research shows that people with hearing loss who use hearing aids enjoy a better overall quality of life. In fact, you just may be surprised—and inspired—by […]

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Information about ear wax!

Posted on: 06/17/15

Earwax is produced by glands in the ear canal. The purpose of earwax is to trap dust and other small particles and prevent them from damaging or infecting the eardrum. Normally, the wax falls out of the ear, along with any trapped dust or debris. Everyone makes ear wax, but the amount and type are […]

Happy young woman with earbuds on a pink background.

The MP3 Generation: Headphones and Hearing Loss

Posted on: 05/13/15

Many people listen to their portable music player while commuting, working out, or waiting for an appointment. What they may not realize, however, is that listening to music through headphones may damage hearing. According to headphones and hearing loss statistics, 17% of adults, along with 12.5% of children and adolescents, have hearing loss that may […]

An elderly couple out for a walk, one holding a cane.

Better Hearing is the Key to Better Communication

Posted on: 04/15/15

Communication could be considered one of the most important factors in any successful relationship. Whether it is with your spouse, your children, or your friends, a relationship lacking communication can be detrimental to yourself as well as your loved ones.  A lack of communication can be the result of many factors, often not immediately recognized. […]

9 Academy Award-Winning Celebrities with Hearing Impairment

Posted on: 03/24/15

We often look at celebrities as being perfect, but they are human just like us.  They suffer from the same types of ailments we all do each and every day.  We thought it fitting to take a look at the successes achieved by some hearing impaired celebrities in the entertainment world. 1. Rob Lowe Rob […]