Aural Rehabilitation

Every case of hearing loss is different.

Aural rehabilitation is an all-encompassing term summarizing the process of identifying and diagnosing hearing loss, providing therapies to patients hard of hearing, as well as educating and empowering them to be successful in their individual treatment plans. For those with hearing loss, hearing aids and other audio enhancement devices are typically used to optimize the hearing experience. However, as every case of hearing loss is different, each individual affected by hearing loss has a unique treatment plan.

The doctors of audiology at Ken-Ton Hearing will analyze your hearing and provide a clear understanding of what your expectations should be regarding the severity of your hearing loss. We will also provide recommendations and strategies to improve your hearing and make conversations with others more enjoyable.

It is our goal to make the acclimation period as easy as possible. Though adjusting to the emotional, physical, psychological, and occupational effects of hearing loss can be stressful, we are always here to answer questions, help solve problems, and ensure we always meet all of your aural rehabilitation needs. Each treatment plan is individualized and the doctors of audiology at Ken-Ton Hearing are experts at establishing treatment plans that are well suited for your individual lifestyle and needs.

From your initial consultation and assessment to helping you select the right hearing aids or other audio amplification equipment, Ken-Ton hearing will be by your side every step of the way. Our certified clinicians are experts in the field of aural rehabilitation, and we pride ourselves on making your experience a positive one.

At Ken-Ton Hearing we encourage family members, friends, and loved ones to be part of your aural rehabilitation. We believe when those around you most understand the recommendations necessary to promote hearing health, it facilitates a positive and enriched hearing environment. With the aural rehabilitation experts at Ken-Ton Hearing, together we can minimize the effects of hearing loss.