Alzheimer’s…it should be on your mind

An elderly man sitting with his hands clasped together in front of him.

We are constantly hearing about the benefits of “brain exercise” to ward off what has become an ever increasing incidence of cognitive decline which may lead to Alzheimer dementia. Recent research points to hearing loss as a potential factor facilitating a decline in mental skills. It shows that people with hearing loss have a 24% increased risk for cognitive impairment compared with normal hearing individuals. This higher risk translates to as much as a 30% to 40% faster decline in mental skills when hearing declines to 25 decibels. While more research is needed to pinpoint exact causes of Alzheimer dementia, there is abundant evidence showing that hearing loss leads to social isolation, which leads to increased dementia risk.

So what are your preventative options? Be proactive…have a quality diagnostic hearing evaluation done by one of our doctors of audiology annually starting at age 50. And if a hearing loss is detected, follow the guidelines we provide you to rectify, as best as possible, any hearing loss that we detect. Be the best you can be and schedule an evaluation today for a better tomorrow! Just call 874-1609.